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As bettors, We made CrowdCover for ourselves

We saw & experienced what was missing out there in the sports betting world & created our dream platform

CrowdCover is a neutral platform for sports bettors & the sports betting industry

Here's a breakdown of our main features:

Sports bettors finally have the convenience of having every available & vetted tool/platform/company in one single place. It's annoying as shit to search through social media & Google. We are the Amazon for the sports betting industry!

  ◈Need to find a handicapper who specializes in the NBA?

  ◈ How about an analytics tool for MLB player props only?

  ◈ Looking for a new podcast that educates you on EV Betting or Match Betting?

It's FaceTime for us sports bettors

  ◈ Live Odds​

  ◈ Live Stats

  ◈ Chat

  ◈ Many more features coming...

It's Twitch for us sports bettors.

Live Entertainment with anyone you want to watch the game with!

  ◈ Handicappers

  ◈ Comedians

  ◈ Former Players

  ◈ Celebrities

  ◈ A Dating Coach (just sayin)

  ◈ Whoever

Any questions? Contact us here

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