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Get listed on the first Entertainer Marketplace for the sports betting industry

Live Streaming That Pays!

The social thrill of betting is finally brought online with CrowdCover

Camaraderie in the palm of your hand

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Live Odds  ◈  Live Stats    Live Chat & Polls

Built to provide entertainment to your viewers and revenue in your pocket

Lead with responsible gambling habits and enjoy the adrenaline rush

  • Who's eligible to join the Entertainer Marketplace?
    U.S. citizens who are 21 years and over, with a social media following where at least 80% are age 21+
  • When will CrowdCover launch to the public?
    Currently CrowdCover is hosting live streaming rooms for private audiences, and we anticipate our public launch in the coming months! Please reach out to us if you'd like to participate in our private live streams (we are not monetizing these rooms)
  • Is there any risk to signing up for the waitlist?
    There's no risk at all! Joining CrowdCover's Entertainer Marketplace is FREE
  • How do I make money?
    Join our waitlist as we slowly roll out our innovative revenue models as we approach our launch! We'll lay out how we differ from Twitch, Kick and every other live streaming platform
  • Legally is there anything I need to do?
    Nope! CrowdCover handles all of the licensing and legalities in regards to the sports gambling industry


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