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Grow Your Business Through CrowdCover's Live Streaming Rooms

host rooms during games & get your subscribers pregame & live picks!

we only charge when your customers pay.

Live Streaming is massive. 🚀

Take advantage with CrowdCover.

⯁ Gain new subscribers 

⯁ Offer current subscribers an extra perk

⯁ Monetize for single game subscriptions

Your picks & entertainment, what's better than that?

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Don't want to host & be on camera?

Partner with entertainers to give your audience expert picks & entertainment.

How easy is it use CrowdCover?

Reserve A Room

⯁ Reserve 3 hours in advance

⯁ CrowdCover adds your branding for you

Share the link

⯁ Current subs: receive password for free entry

⯁ New subs: pay for entry


⯁ Provide links to your site & socials

⯁ Partner with brands for advertising

CrowdCover is a great addition to your DubClub, Action Network, Discord & other channels. 

Your take is ~90% per ticket! This includes payment processing & CrowdCover fees.

Reserving A Room

All rooms must be reserved a minimum 3 hours in advance:

 To give your subscribers enough notice in advance

⯁ To allow CrowdCover to setup branding & links to personalize your room

⯁ To partner with entertainers to host your room (learn more below)

⯁ To partner with brands for advertising revenue

Sharing The Link

Custom links for paid subscribers & new subscribers

 Your current subscribers receive a passcode to join the room for free as an extra perk to what you already offer

⯁ New subscribers will have to pay a one time fee for access into the room

⯁ We'll create the post for you. X (Twitter), Instagram post or story, email... we'll custom what you want.


Offer engaging content to grow your audience

⯁ Hosting is easy! No extra software or tools needed. 

⯁ Create a fun & social environment for your viewers with GIFs that capture all the vibes!

⯁ Offer multiple picks during the game with in-game betting

Partner With Enteratainers

Don't want to be on camera & just want to give out your picks?

Partner with entertainers! Now your subscribers get expert picks & entertainment!

⯁ Find a good partner on CrowdCover's Entertainer Marketplace.

⯁ Engage in revenue split deals, such as $ flat fee per person or % percentages 

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Capper Sign Up
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