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Entertainer Marketplace Waitlist

The First Ever Entertainer/Influencer Marketplace For The Sports Betting Industry

Live Streaming For Live Betting

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◈ CrowdCover is the first platform to bring together the sports betting industry and content creators.

◈ Share the rush and excitement of sports betting with your audience. Always leading with responsible gambling habits.

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Live Streaming That Pays!

Finally be able monetize the massive and growing sports betting industry. CrowdCover offers the monetization other live streaming platforms can't.

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A Social Activity

  Betting is an inherently social activity and it's about time the industry stepped into the new era of communication and entertainment. CrowdCover is the hosting platform to a good time.

  Entertainers, Comedians, Former Athletes, Influencers, Handicappers, Affiliates, Whoever...

Connect with your audiences using the proven successful medium of live streaming. Host live streaming rooms during the game and do some live betting with your viewers. Monetize the sports betting industry!

Responsible Gambling

  Social communities drive more action for the betting platforms and that's why it is imperative that we preach and practice responsible gambling to the viewers. For your own reasons as well, it is more beneficial to not have viewers consistently coming back so it doesn't help anyone to have them lose their bankroll in one night.

  There is a real opportunity for setting the precedent on how responsible gambling can be done and focusing on the entertainment value of sports betting and community.

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